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June 10th- August 9th

June 10th- August 9th 

Expedition Kitchen Summer Camp 2024

“I watch cooking change the cook, just as it transforms the food.”

– Laura Esquivel

We are offering a variety of hands-on cooking camps this summer in the SF Bay Area, California! 

We've got a line-up of fun and magical camps planned for this summer. Your kids are sure to have a blast, develop autonomy, and take home some important life skills this summer. We teach real-world, skills-based culinary techniques that will inspire your child to explore new ingredients and flavors, develop lifelong healthy relationships with food, and learn the ins and outs of the culinary world from industry pros. They will come home excited to share their new skills with your family! 

We believe the kitchen is a safe and fun place to explore, ask questions, and learn. Food connects the family and the community and cooking for others shows that we care. We are excited to offer a fun and safe environment for your kids to express themselves confidently, learn new skills, and explore with all of their senses this summer. This will be an experience they will never forget. 8 action-packed weeks of camps in 2 locations! Space is limited, register through Albany and Piedmont Parks and Rec. Registration is open! 

Summer Camps in California

Expedition Kitchen

Organic Carrots

AGES 9-16

3 session and 2 locations in 2024! 

Chefs will learn to explore with all of their senses in the kitchen. This skills-based culinary camp will teach techniques that will bring out the best in food and flavor. We’ll take a deep dive into delightful sauces and explore sweet and savory spice blends. In addition to a week of delicious culinary adventures, campers will come home with the skills and confidence to prepare balanced plant-based meals for their families and communities.

June 10th - June 14th

July 8th - July 12th

July 29th - August 2nd

Overheard at camp:  "This is the best food I have ever tasted"

(It was TOFU y'all!)

Taste Travelers

AGES: 9-16

2 locations in and 3 sessions 2024! 


Get ready to explore a world of flavor and culinary delights. Prepare your tastebuds for liftoff (no passport required) as we explore food through a prism of culture, time, and place. In this camp, we will examine food traditions from around the world as we build skills and discover new herbs, spices, and ingredients along the way. Cooking cultural food builds unity, understanding, and an appreciation of differences.​


June 17th - June 21st

 July 15th - July 19th 

 August 5th- August 9th


Culinary Creatives

AGES 9-16
2 locations and 2 sessions in 2024

This colorful camp will explore creativity in cooking. Going beyond your typical cooking class, this is a week-long immersion into the world of food.  Learn to cook, bake, think, and taste like a professional chef. Campers will uncover the ways in which flavors are created and learn the art of balance. Learn to make classic culinary delights and come home with the skills to create your own signature restaurant-style dishes. We will finish camp with a friendly chopped style cooking competition! 

June 24th - June 28th

 July 22nd - July 26th 

"I had a lot of fun at this cooking camp. My mom loved that she didn’t have to feed me and she got to sample what I was cooking each day. I loved that so many of the recipes offered us a chance to customize the dishes to our taste, and that I learned a lot of new cooking skills."

-Charlie K. (Happy Camper)

"I've never heard my 10-year-old so excited about a camp before! She comes home so enthusiastic about cooking, collaborating with other chefs, and creating new meals!  Alicia is incredibly well-organized -- as a parent, I'm so grateful. "

- Rachel S.

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