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Virtual Summer Camps 2021



We are offering a variety of engaging, virtual hands-on cooking classes through Zoom and in-person this summer! 

We've got some fun and meaningful hands-on curriculum for kids and teens this summer. If you've got a Jr. Chef seeking engaging, nourishing, and delicious summer camp activities you're in the right place.  We teach real-world, skills-based culinary techniques that will inspire your child to eat well for life (and clean up too)!  If you have a group interested in a private virtual or in-person camp this summer, reach out to us at and you can choose from any of our 6 virtual summer camps for your group! 

The kitchen is a safe and fun place to explore, ask questions, and learn. Food connects the family and the community and cooking for others shows that we care. We are excited to offer a fun and safe environment for your kids to express themselves confidently, learn new skills, and explore with all of their senses in the kitchen. An experience they will never forget. 

"With the first year of virtual kids' cooking camp underway, Chef Alicia is rockin' it with these afternoon Zoom cooking classes! They have put together a lovely and thoughtful menu and day-by-day cookbook with great tips, conversation, food science, and culinary education throughout each session.
My son is super engaged with the preparation and cooking process, proud of what he's making, and enjoying seeing the familiar faces. Brava!! So excellent!"

- Natalie K.

Farm 1

Kitchen Explorers

AGES 9-16
August th- JULY 2nd

In your home kitchen! 

Calling all prospectors! The expedition begins right in your own kitchen! We will discover delectable new dishes and taste our way through the bounty of our local foodshed. Cooking adventures will focus on an exploration of food using all 5 senses, building basic cooking skills while logically connecting one to the next. Each day of camp covers skill-based, hands-on cooking activities using flexible templates; a culinary goldmine for campers to share.

Virtual Camps

Kitchen Confident

AGES 9-16
August 2nd - August 6th

1:30pm-4:00pm PST

In your home kitchen! 

This teen camp will build motivation and confidence in the kitchen by emphasizing foundational cooking techniques through an exploration of new flavors and cooking styles. Beyond basic recipes, we'll dive into the essentials for becoming a confident chef. Discovering what is abundant and available will serve as inspiration for the dishes such as Skillet Pot Pie, Rainbow Buddha Bowls, and Sweet Potato Brownies. Stepping into the skills-based world of cooking from scratch will inspire campers to keep an open mind as to what is possible. This encourages autonomy by adjusting flavor combinations while testing new ideas and concepts in the kitchen. Expect glowing results.


Taste Traveling

Get ready to explore a world of flavor and culinary delights without leaving your kitchen. Prepare your tastebuds for liftoff (no passport required) as we explore food through a prism of culture, time, and place. In this camp, we will examine the food traditions of the world’s five major continents, learning about the broad flavor profiles associated with each. We will cook our way through world cuisines while we discover new herbs, spices, and ingredients along the way. Cooking cultural food builds unity, understanding, and an appreciation of differences.

Kitchen Culture

Food, culture, and music are inextricably linked. In this teen camp, we will tune-in to different styles of music and their connection to the culinary world. We’ll shake, rattle, and roll our way through deliciously dynamic recipes. Our culinary compositions share common tones covering foundational cooking techniques with creative crescendos. Expect culinary masterpieces and as we lay the foundations for cooking and cadence.


Roots to Fruits

This camp will focus on fortifying a foundation of cooking skills by building on the basics. We will examine the science and art of cooking in order to deepen understanding. We will alchemize ingredients into delectable dishes and learn to be flexible, creative, and resilient, just like our plant allies in nature. Using the whole plant piques kitchen creativity and gives eaters something new to try.  This camp will entice exploration into the magical world of cooking, developing independence that results in plenty of delicious family memories.

Food Matters

 This teen camp will take a seed to table look at our food system, engaging cooking as a tool to examine why our food choices matter. This camp is an opportunity to encourage healthy choices and uncover the interconnectedness of it all, perfect for your budding activist. Our menu of delightful dishes will take root with an understanding of where our food comes from and what it takes to get to our plate. We will cook up plenty of delicious ways to learn about the environmental, social, and political impacts of food production. Good food starts in the soil, and this bottom-up approach will leave your teen full and fulfilled. 


"I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience my daughter had last week at zoom camp!  She’s been interested in cooking for a while but this was her first official class and she is totally hooked.  She asked if she could do it every week!  Alicia, you were fantastic!  As I popped in and out of the kitchen throughout the week I realized what a rage of experience you were dealing which could not have been easy. Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm! My daughter felt extremely proud of herself after each day and couldn’t wait to have all of us try her delicious creations.  Thanks for such a positive experience."  


Kristen M.

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