Path to Panacea

(850) 445-0175

San Francisco Bay Area, California


Preschool (Ages 2.5-5)
Cooking Classes and Veggie Exploration 


Classes are available in a wide variety of settings such as schools, after-care,  community centers, or group homeschooling programs.

Each cooking class will focus on an exploration of food using all 5 senses.  Together we will encounter and explore a treasure trove of organic fruits and vegetables within a weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) farm box. Every class offers new skill-based hands-on cooking activities and concludes with students and teachers sitting down to proudly share and eat the culinary delights they made together. 

I cannot count how many times parents have thanked me for "working my magic" with broccoli or transforming foods that were previously on the 'causes tantrums list' into weekly staples for their families.

For example, one class began with an exploration of sweet potatoes. I had 8 of 10 preschoolers tell me that sweet potatoes were yucky, and they would not be eating them. Without fear, we continued to explore the bright orange and purple tubers, eventually peeling, grating, mashing and transforming them together into simple sweet potato pancakes. At the end of the day, all 10 students realized that they did, in fact, like sweet potatoes, and most asked if there were more to take home to share with their families. With patience, perseverance, and a little bit of fun, almost any food can go from yuck to yum.