Your Next  Culinary Adventure Awaits

There are countless benefits to taking a creative cooking class with Chef Alicia. Enjoy your first class, FREE!

You will get:

  •  A recording of a full hour-long cooking class with chef Alicia to watch at your own pace. Stop, pause, and rewind- to cook the way you like to, any time of day!

  • 3 recipes- our perfect pumpkin muffins, a dreamy maple glaze, and crunchy crumble that can be adapted for endless creations. 

  • A Complete shopping list with everything you need to make these delightful muffins in your own kitchen. 

All of our classes are carefully curated and designed for students at any level. This is your chance to pick up a new skill or gain more knowledge and experience on topics you already love! Whatever you choose, our classes guarantee successful learning for all ages. 


The wide range of culinary adventures at Path to Panacea will inspire your children to get creative become confident chefs that have healthy relationships with food. Our attention to detail and patient approach makes learning fun for everyone! 

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